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Mind Body Healthcare Seminars and Lectures with Shirley Spear Begley

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"What Shirley brings to the healing experience is her integrity, her deep insight into the human condition and an unparalleled devotion for the integration of mind/body principles in the practice of medicine."
- Charles Cudjoe, MD, DTh, MPH, Mind/Body Medical Institute,
Harvard Medical School





Shirley Spear Begley...

is Executive Director of Integrated Health Care Systems, Inc. a consultation and education organization in St. Petersburg, FL.  A pioneer in the field of integrative healthcare, she provides national and international courses, lectures and conference presentations in the field of complementary and integrative healthcare, healing modalities and holistic nursing. Her warm, engaging style makes her a sought-after keynote speaker and conference presenter. Her organization provides State of Florida approved continuing education credits for multiple healthcare disciplines including licensed massage therapy, with reciprocity by all other States.

Shirley has a clinical practice in integrative healthcare and holistic nursing that is foundational to her work. Shirley holds National Certifications in Holistic Nursing, (a nursing specialty recognized by the American Nurses' Association), Therapeutic Touch (the first healing method taught in a Western University setting and most researched nursing healing modality), and Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She has advanced certification in psychology, education and mind-body awareness studies and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist utlilzing Guided Imagery. Shirley also works with the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast in St Petersburg, FL and is on the Editorial Board for, a website with ANCC approved courses for National Credential Reviews.

Shirley is an advanced, qualified Therapeutic Touch (QTTT) teacher and mentor. Through her organization she teaches a national TT Mentorship Program that prepares students to become qualified TT practitioners.  A TT practitioner for nearly 30 years, she has been closely mentored by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN the co-creator of TT and other well-known leaders in mind/body awareness and the healing arts. After years working with Dr Krieger as a mentor then coordinator of the Therapeutic Touch Invitational Mentorship Program held in New York State each year, she selected Shirley to succeed her as the Program Director. Shirley now has a second Mentorship Program and Retreat held in Florida each winter. Shirley sits on the Education Committee for Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International,sm, the official organization of Therapeutic Touch and Therapeutic Touch International Associates. She has chaired the Mentorship Sub-committee to set international educational guidelines for the organization and has reviewed and selected qualified teachers in this method.

A lecturer at the University of South Florida in the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Social Work and Public Health, Shirley has sat on the Center for Hospice, Palliative Care and End of Life and on a committee to develop a scholarly concentration in Integrative Medicine and Healthcare.  For several years, Shirley held an appointment at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, FL as a Courtesy Instructor in the College of Nursing.

Her Mentorship Program in Holistic Nursing and Healthcare is highly regarded for its preparation of nurses for the national board certification examination in Holistic Nursing. (HN-BC). This year-long program is also open to laypersons and other healthcare professionals for its expanded content.  Shirley was previously on the faculty of Seeds & Bridges Center for Holistic Nursing and taught in their national Certificate Program in Holistic Nursing.

Shirley provides annual Healing Retreats in Taos, NM, Big Sur, CA, Sedona, AZ, Ohio and Florida. Integrative practices are combined with mind-body-spirit approaches to provide rest and renewal in an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment.

Prior to the development of her organization, as a Registered Nurse, Shirley worked in intensive care units at Case Western Reserve University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio and has held positions as Director of Nurses, and Director of Community Education in the field of home health care. 

As an artist and published author, her years of extensive world travel have provided her with an ability to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. A summa cum laude graduate, she is listed in Who's Who in American Nursing and has been a member of several nursing organizations including the Society of Rogerian Scholars.

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